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Angel Delight

Black Flapping Angel Wings and Halo

Order Code: FH1441

Key Features:

  • Black angel wings
  • Silver halo
  • Shoulder straps
This item has been discontinued

Do you want to create the impression that butter wouldn't melt in your mouth? These angel wings are a great way of getting the girls a bit of kit which will make them look great whilst incorporating a traditional hen night accessory with a twist.

The silver halo will further help to make everyone think that you are a group of sweet, harmless girls. However, the black angel wings give off the vibe that you have a slightly darker, wicked side which is liable to show at little more than a moment's notice.

The girls don't need to worry about losing the wings, as the shoulder straps are designed to make sure that the hen is able to keep them on all night long, even if there is a lot of dancing carried out.

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