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Pack of Saucy Forfeits Playing Cards

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Key Features:

  • 2 packs of 54 playing cards
  • Saucy forfeits design
  • Dare on each card
This item has been discontinued

If there is one thing that will guarantee that your hen party will be one to live long in the memory, then it is having a bunch of dares lined up for everybody. With this in mind, we have found this hilarious pack of cards with a string of various saucy forfeits which will get everybody raring to go, as long as they aren't the unlucky loser that is!

While we would normally suggest that you get some sort of drinking contest on the go, these cards have the traditional suit that you find in a normal deck, so why not engage yourselves in a game and choose the dare for the unlucky person who isn't having a great deal of luck?

With dares ranging from "massage someone's big toe suggestively" to "pose as a pin up for 15 seconds", nobody is going to want to end up on the losing side of this game, and with 2 packs of 54 cards, there is more than enough cards for everybody to get involved.

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ok a bit much for my purpose

- 05 Feb 2015

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