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Hen Night Willy Bingo Game

Order Code: FH37148

Key Features:

  • Twelve playing cards
  • 112 L plate bingo markers
  • Just scream "willy" when get a line



Forget foxy bingo ladies and gents why be stuck at home playing bingo online. When you could be down the pub or even Pizza Express playing willy bingo with all the hens. Willy bingo or penis gambling if you are on the posh side is the perfect hen weekend ice breaker.

Our willy bingo game includes master cards, 12 bingo cards and 2 sheets of 56L plate bingo marker stickers. Just as the same suggests you are looking out for different types of willy. Including donkey, bell end and even mushroom (really ladies if you have seen one that shape send in a pic and we will give you this game for free). Once you have got a line all you need to do is shout out "willy" if your shy we will let you shout "phallic object".

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