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Ring For A Drink Bell

Order Code: FH1691

Key Features:

  • Silver bell
  • Black handle
  • Ring for a drink design
This item has been discontinued

It is always a pain in the backside queuing up at the bar only for it to seem to take an eternity to get served as you desperately try to attract the attention of a member of the bar staff. Get yourself noticed by the barman/lady straight away by ringing this novelty bell.

This item is very loud so should be heard even in the busiest and noisiest of bars. As well as being able to use it to get yourself a drink, why not use it as a means of telling the girls that you would like to move onto another bar after this beverage?

Your glass should never be empty for an extended period of time as long as you keep this bell with you at all times. In the morning, your head will more than likely be ringing, quite literally so if you use this all night!

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This product was rated 5 out of 5

- 25 Jul 2014

This product was rated 5 out of 5

Fab idea, I'm sure the hen will be very happy with this in her hand.

- 07 Sep 2012