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Hen Party Coasters

Order Code: FH1652

Key Features:

  • Black coasters
  • Pack of 6 coasters
  • Pink 'hen party' warning design
This item has been discontinued

You are one extremely lucky person if you have never had to curse aloud due to some inconsiderate soul putting their glass on the table without having put a coaster down there. Save someone else a major inconvenience and equip your girls with these lovely drink mats.

These come in a pack of 6 and with a hen party warning design, not only are they very convenient but also give you and the rest of the girls a feel for the occasion before you even go out.

Made from cork, these aren't like your standard mats which are pretty much useless after one night, there is plenty of opportunity for them to be re-used.

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Great will be taking from place to place well try to might loose a couple along the way

- 29 Aug 2014