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A 24 carat accessory

Diamond Ring Shot Glass

Order Code: FH1596

Key Features:

  • Shot glass
  • Diamond ring shape
  • Clear design
This item has been discontinued

The drunker you and the girls get, the more likely it is that instead of quitting while you are not so far behind, you will move onto the shorts. Make sure that you dictate the terms on which these are drank with this unbelievable shot glass.

In the shape of a diamond, this glass will certainly make the hen and the group a cut above the rest. The bride-to-be can carry this around with her all night as this accessory comes attached to a ring, which is not just very convenient, but why not get her to wear it on the wedding finger?

This is basically two fantastic hen night accessories for the price of one, which will also help the bride-to-be get a slight indicator of what married life will feel like.

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