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A hellish bit of headwear

Pink Devil Horns with Flashing Lights

Order Code: FH1895

Key Features:

  • Pink devil horns
  • Flashing lights
  • White feather trim
This item has been discontinued

If you are wanting a different take on a traditional item of hen party headwear, then you are more than likely going to grab a hellish amount of attention in whichever bars or clubs you visit when wearing these pink devil horns.

As well as the different colour to the usual red making you stand out, the pink horns are also equipped with flashing lights which will look amazing as you take centre stage on the dancefloor. The white fur trim brings out an almost (this being the operative word) angelic side to you.

There are several pairs of horns which look a bit different to the usual red design, but these are the only alternative pair in our range which flash.

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