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Penis Shaped Dare Stickers

Order Code: FH1793

Key Features:

  • Pack of 16 sheets
  • 25 dares per sheet
  • Willy shaped



There is nothing quite like a few dares to add some laughs into the evening, and with these hilariously shaped dare sheets, there is more than enough for everybody to get involved in what is certain to be a compelling contest to see who completes the list first.

This really isn't the sort of thing for those with a faint heart. In this pack there are 25 task sheets with 16 different challenges, which have a mixture of being quite dirty, hilarious and just plain immature. The dares range from "Say something dirty to a stranger", "Moonwalk, break dance, or do the robot across the room" and "Burp really loud so others can hear you".

These are also very convenient to carry around, as these can stick to anything, we personally think that attaching it to an empty bottle would be perfect as the sticker size is ideal to fit.

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