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Don't you dare back out

Girls Night Out Dare Cards

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Key Features:

  • Pack of dare cards
  • A range of dares
  • Girls Night Out design
This item has been discontinued

Discover the daredevil inside yourself with these brilliant pack of cards.

These are not for the faint-hearted so make sure that there aren't any wimps in your hen group.

There are a wide range of dares varying from 'Go up to a guy and say you have bought him a drink, then hand him a glass of water' to 'Go to the bar and ask for a barmans special, whilst winking and grinning at him'. As you can see you need a hell of a lot of bottle/Dutch courage on board to pull these off.

These pack of cards are ideally sized to fit into a handbag, so you can put them away and re-introduce them to proceedings at a moment's notice.

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